Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Why did I found Exam ?

Exam was founded because four things happened at the same time, in the same place.

1. after 20 years working as an IT consultant all over the world I moved to Singapore ... and then they changed the visa laws so I was allowed to live in Singapore, but not work as an IT consultant.  This gave me the time to work out what I really wanted to do with my skills and experience.  I knew it would be something on the internet with the latest technology, but there were so many options ... AI ... security ... big data ....

2. From my first year at university my study method has been to completely ignore teachers, lectures, and assignments, and just spend a few hours doing practice exams to help pass the final exam.  Using only practice exams I graduated with a degree in Engineering from the University of Queensland, and became certified in Novell Network Administration, Oracle Database Administration, and as a PMP project manager.  I could see that practice exams were the most efficient way to study, but through all of these years I was not able to find a reputable website with practice exams where I would feel comfortable entering my credit card number.  If I have this problem, lots of other students must have it also.

3. From the day my son was born I have been looking for educational websites for him, but was never able to find one I liked.  If I have this problem, lots of other parents must have this problem also.

4. I noticed that the domain was for sale.  I spent 2 years gradually increasing my offer, and eventually the owner agreed on a price. will be :-

1. API driven single page website and Apps to work across all desktops and mobile devices
2. host content for all countries, subjects, and languages
3. Focus on practice exams, along with video and text lessons and solutions
4. Allow the user to self study, with increased frequency for the areas where they are weak
5. Allow parents, teachers, tutors, and peers to assign questions and lessons to each other, and monitor progress.
6. Allow subject experts to create practice exams and lessons, and be compensated by user subscriptions.

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