Friday, December 8, 2017

Here comes the .BOT

AWS has released the .BOT domain for registration with the stated aim of .BOT is to give a clear home for voice and chat bots.  
To register a .BOT domain you first need to have created a bot with Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Network, or Dialogflow.  Currently the only registrar supporting the domains is EnCirca, so hopefully other bigger registrars will come on board as .BOT grows in popularity.  Prices for domains varied between $75 for less popular words, up to circa $4000 for and $7000 for domains like, but the yearly registration fee is set to the same value as the initial purchase price, so if yo buy an expensive domain you will need to pay the same each year to extend ownership.
If you haven’t created a bot before, AWS Lex is quite easy to get started, building simple bots to take audio and chat input, but I still have a lot to learn to integrate the bots with my exam API.  I then registered and to supplement and deliver content over chat and audio via technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home.   Bots have multiple uses, from guiding users through customer service interactions using prompt flows, to implementing voice input in cases where you can’t or don’t want to use your hands (e.g while driving, cooking, exercising, or writing).
If you think that the use of bots will increase across mobile and voice applications, then you may want to get started creating a bot and registering your .BOT domain at  
Unfortunately,, and were already taken, but there are still lots of great domains available, including and so get started creating your first bot !

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